Chatroll for Sports and eSports

For online sports, real-time chat is the perfect match

With more people watching online sports, Chatroll's live chat helps to get people engaged in the game like never before - even on mobile.

Streaming Sports

For sporting events from the Olympics to college football, and from deep sea fishing to poker, Chatroll can help make any live streaming sports a truly interactive experience. Rather than merely watching the event, viewers are quickly and interactively engaged, which keeps people coming back to your site. And Chatroll's built-in promotion engine not only encourages viewers to invite their friends to your site, but creates a real online community, growing the size of your audience.


Esports is the fastest growing type of online sports entertainment world wide, and live chat can really amp up viewer engagement. There might be several websites streaming the same esports feed, but live chat can really anchor viewers to your site by drawing them into the commentary and conversation. Chatroll helps your audience size grow, as the chat prompts users to invite their friends to your site and join the conversation.

Second Screen

Chatroll is perfectly designed as Second Screen technology. While watching the game or a live broadcast on TV, you can have Chatroll on your mobile device, providing the best in engagement and convenience. Chatroll on the Second Screen keeps people in the conversation and allows for targeted advertising and click-through promotions, without distracting from the broadcast.

Key Features

  • Viewers can engage on any mobile or desktop device without having to install any software
  • Scalable chat platform on dedicated servers can handle the highest volumes of users
  • In-module promotion encourages users to invite their friends to your event through social media
  • Promotion engine can be customized for polls, promotions, advertisements, etc.
  • Perfect for Second Screen interaction
  • Moderation tools let you be in complete control of the conversation
  • Comprehensive analytics let you fully understand user engagement

25,000+ organizations trust Chatroll

Organizations across a wide range of industries use Chatroll's real-time chat to reach and engage their audiences. Chatroll's simplicity, scalability and performance make it perfect for live online events of all kinds.

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