Chatroll for News Organizations

Live chat can help make your site the go-to place for engaging news

With so many sources of news available, you can differentiate and build your brand through real-time chat discussions and live webinars.

Website Chat

Live chat can help increase traffic on your site and keep users engaged longer. Chatroll can really impact your online community as people visit your site more often to get involved in the discussion.

Live webcasts

Online events with live video and real-time chat can be hosted right on your website. Live events allow your audience to connect with your content and with each other around important topics of discussion.

Q & A Sessions

Enhance the quality of your news with Q&A. Question and Answer sessions let people ask questions in the live chat and receive immediate answers from your subject matter experts, for an engaging online experience.

Key Features

  • Moderation tools give you complete control
  • Question and Answer mode can be started at any time during a chat session
  • Chatroll works on all mobile devices to let people chat from anywhere
  • Facebook and Twitter login and promotion make it easy for people to join your event and tell others
  • CSS customization allows you to fully tailor and brand the chat
  • Real-time analytics report user count and qualify the user experience

25,000+ organizations trust Chatroll

Organizations across a wide range of industries use Chatroll's real-time chat to reach and engage their audiences. Chatroll's simplicity, scalability and performance make it perfect for live online events of all kinds.

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