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Integrate Chatroll with your members site to provide your community with a V.I.P. experience.

Trading Sites

Share your trading experience, strategies, market analysis, and live updates using Chatroll on your members site. Chatroll keeps your live webinars and community discussions engaging and interactive, while enabling private and group break-out sessions at any time.


People are looking for ways to learn more about cryptocurrency and stay on the cutting edge of crypto trends. By providing a members site for your audience and using Chatroll for ongoing interaction, you can keep your members on top of the latest opportunities.

Private Membership

Do you want to improve the way you share your most exclusive content with your best audience members? Using Chatroll on your members site is the perfect way to share content securely, while at the same time providing quality experiences through live, meaningful discussions.

Key Features

  • Using Single Sign-On, Chatroll integrates with any site (including Wordpress and custom systems), automatically authenticating members in the chat once they log in to your site
  • Single Sign-On allows users' names and avatars to automatically show in Chatroll
  • Private messaging allows one-on-one conversations, which are saved in your account
  • Real-time analytics track your audience engagement and participation
  • CSS customization lets you brand Chatroll to completely match your site
  • Chatroll works on all mobile devices

25,000+ organizations trust Chatroll

Organizations across a wide range of industries use Chatroll's real-time chat to reach and engage their audiences. Chatroll's simplicity, scalability and performance make it perfect for live online events of all kinds.

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