Chatroll for Government Organizations

Connect with the public in a powerful way

Live chat events are the perfect way to promote discussion around key issues, while educating and connecting with people online.


Real-time chat alongside your live video webcasts creates a real online community that is fully engaged in discussion around your event. Webcasts allow you to connect with the public on important issues and enable discussions in a way that's compelling and secure. Through live chat webcasts, you can let people's voices be heard while providing education and a better understanding of key issues.

Q & A Sessions

Q&A sessions on Chatroll allow you to respond to questions from the public in a way that's safe and controlled. Chatroll provides a live chat experience with a built-in Q&A mode that allows you to answer questions of your choice. At any point during your live chat, you can turn on the Q&A mode to capture all questions in a private queue and screen questions to focus on the important topics.

Key Features

  • Moderation tools give you complete control
  • Change the mode from free-flowing chat to question and answer mode at any time
  • Single Sign-On allows authentication through your CMS
  • Facebook and Twitter login and promotion integrates social media networks
  • Facebook installation allows you to host chats right in Facebook
  • Chatroll works on all mobile devices to let people chat from anywhere
  • Transcripts and analyics can be exported at any time

25,000+ organizations trust Chatroll

Organizations across a wide range of industries use Chatroll's real-time chat to reach and engage their audiences. Chatroll's simplicity, scalability and performance make it perfect for live online events of all kinds.

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