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Take online shows to the next level by creating buzz and helping keep viewers fully connected and engaged.

Online TV

Adding Chatroll to online TV takes engagement to the next level. Viewers get to have a powerful shared experience while they interact. With Chatroll's social promotion feature, users are encouraged to invite friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter to your live stream, which can significantly grow your audience size. And Chatroll's analytics let you track user participation and measure the impact of your online TV events.

Concert Streaming / Pay-Per-View Events

Live streaming of concerts is a huge opportunity for performing artists. You can generate revenue from fans paying to watch the show online. With Chatroll, an unlimited number of online attendees can interact and be part of the show. You can also sell tickets using Chatroll's real-time promotion feature. For all pay-per-view events, Chatroll integrates with your authentication system, making sure only paying viewers get access.

Online Radio / Music Streaming

Radio hosts and DJs are taking their music shows online, and Chatroll can take things to the next level. With live chat, you can take music requests and get instant feedback from fans. Live chat helps to keep listeners connected to your shows, which creates a real online community. Listeners get to interact with you, your guests and other fans. And you can track user interaction and engagement using Chatroll's analytics.

Music Festivals and Award Show Coverage

Festivals used to be limited to people who could be there in person, but with live online coverage, people can join from anywhere and Chatroll makes the experience completely interactive. Add Chatroll to award show coverage to let everyone feel like they're on the Red Carpet, since they can add their own commentary and share excitement with fans around the world.

Key Features

  • Facebook and Twitter login and promotion make it easy for people to join your event and tell others
  • CSS customization allows you to fully tailor and brand the chat
  • In-module promotions let you display your own dynamic advertisements that can link to sales pages and your own ticketing system
  • Real-time analytics report user count and qualify the user experience
  • Fully scalable chat platform allows you to host events with unlimited numbers of users

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