Option Trading in Your Spare Time
Nov 18, 8:14 PM
jmegert: gotta run today thanks again - I take it as finding a higher timeframe trend and entering off a smaller timeframe p pattern in same direction - I have to keep it simple
Nov 18, 8:15 PM
Ryan_TrueBlue: JimC explained to me these are things he looks for to help him
Nov 18, 8:16 PM
jLamb: I have to go. Have a good night everyone! And great trading!
Nov 18, 8:18 PM
jmegert: I've been going through chat history saving charts etc and notes into evernote studying and documenting - read some about the springs and upthrusts
Nov 18, 8:19 PM
Ryan_TrueBlue: JimC is the spring and upthrust expert - if you study his charts - I think he has explained them to most of us
Nov 18, 8:19 PM
jmegert: Will do - I have lot saved with notes - 1 thing at a time lol
Nov 18, 8:22 PM
Harley2: see ya jm and jL...
Nov 18, 8:22 PM
jmegert: Everybody have a good one
Nov 18, 8:23 PM
Ryan_TrueBlue: goodnight all from me also
Nov 18, 8:28 PM
T6056 (Guest): Hi
Nov 18, 8:52 PM
Harley2: Ry have a good night
Nov 18, 9:01 PM
Harley2: Bye all see ya tomorrow
Nov 18, 9:01 PM
azdollie: Bye all
Nov 18, 9:25 PM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Buford, hang in there. Hopefully, health will improve and less side effects. We miss your spunkiness.
Nov 18, 9:26 PM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Have a good evening everyone and confrats on your trades.
Nov 19, 12:33 AM
T6056 (Guest): Hi
Nov 19, 12:50 AM
T6056 (Guest): Hi
Nov 19, 12:54 AM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): https://protradingroom.com/session?id=1022# This is the link for tonight's session
Nov 19, 12:54 AM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Vome join us with your email and a PW
Nov 19, 3:54 AM
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