Option Trading in Your Spare Time
Apr 22, 7:53 PM
Gregww11: Hey Buford = good to see you in the Chat - Hard to keep a good man down!!!
Apr 22, 7:53 PM
Buford43: Pretty AAL chart Jim and VERY SIMPLE
Apr 22, 7:54 PM
Buford43: u too Trevor
Apr 22, 7:59 PM
carl453: Glad to see you back. You give the room some good info. Tks.
Apr 22, 7:59 PM
Harley2: Buford nice trade
Apr 22, 8:00 PM
Harley2: Jim nice trade
Apr 22, 8:01 PM
Buford43: Hey Carl - Thanks good to see you - j or is that Tuesdayust hanging on by a thread amybe 2 hrs a day my limit now. Eat Tacos for me tonight!!!!!
Apr 22, 8:03 PM
Harley2: Bye all
Apr 22, 8:04 PM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Bye, Buford
Apr 22, 8:05 PM
azdollie: bye all
Apr 22, 8:11 PM
Tre4: CRWD this am showed good action then sold off hard..been in for 2 days sold near top, normally I sell near bottom..lol
Apr 22, 8:11 PM
TonyCT: Buford - it was a loss but a manageable one. Just goes to show you what can happen if you urn your back for a couple minute on this crazy market. Didn't put in a stop loss which was dumb. Live & Learn.
Apr 22, 9:54 PM
Buford43: Yo Tony - good luck and watch your back - you and only you can or control losses (wide man taught me that)
Apr 22, 11:31 PM
Buford43: **(Wise Man) at least the D is close to S on keyboard.
Apr 23, 12:48 AM
Cornal1: newbie question:- I seen a stop selling for 57.86 and the strike prices are 56, 57, 58 etc. and the 57 is chosen. my question why the 57 strike, I thought that you have to choose a strike greater the current stock price. Please advise this newbie. thanks in advance
Apr 23, 12:49 AM
Cornal1: ** Stock not stop **
Apr 23, 2:19 AM
WhyNotNeil2021: You can buy in the money strikes be sure to check the break even prices.
Apr 23, 8:25 AM
Ryan82P3: @Cornal - you can purchase any available strike - when the strike is ABOVE Current price, it is IN THE MONEY, and Has INTRINSIC Value (If it expires in the money its not worthless)
Apr 23, 8:26 AM
Ryan82P3: @Cornal - when the strike is below the current Price it only has EXTRINSIC value - (Time) - and if it does not go into the money before expiration, it expires worthless - most of us dont hold until expiration - we just look for some favourable movement then close
Apr 23, 8:29 AM
Ryan82P3: @Cornal - in the money option strike will cost more to buy - and will have a HIGHER DELTA (the percent of the move you get) - However, DELTA changes as price moves - An out the money strike is Cheaper, and will have a lower DELTA (but it has more room to increase) - at entry (the highest risk point of the trade) - sometimes a lower delta can be favourable, as if you are incorrect its easier to control a loss - practice, and take screenshots of the option chain
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