Option Trading in Your Spare Time
Jul 30, 7:41 PM
lesliekirkland: Okay
Jul 30, 7:45 PM
Jcaster: <gs
Jul 30, 7:48 PM
DeeTrade: Thank you Leslie!
Jul 30, 7:49 PM
Buford43: other computer Jim
Jul 30, 7:51 PM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Hi Buford, nice to see you.
Jul 30, 7:54 PM
lesliekirkland: lol Buford
Jul 30, 7:55 PM
Buford43: Hey ya'll
Jul 30, 7:55 PM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Hi
Jul 30, 7:56 PM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Hope you are feeling good- better.
Jul 30, 7:57 PM
Buford43: 10-4 4thanks there will be some adjusting to get used to
Jul 30, 7:58 PM
Jcaster: spce https://www.screencast.com/t/IqlyogiRJv4
Jul 30, 8:01 PM
azdollie: Hi Buford, nice to see you.
Jul 30, 8:01 PM
azdollie: bye all
Jul 30, 8:03 PM
Jcaster: aal https://www.screencast.com/t/FgkVzJgP8
Jul 30, 8:04 PM
Jcaster: tracking the option for charting and following ma's
Jul 30, 8:05 PM
Buford43: Hope everybody has a LARGE weekend
Jul 30, 8:05 PM
Jcaster: watch the "winking"
Jul 30, 8:05 PM
Buford43: over and out space cpmmander Jim
Jul 30, 8:10 PM
lesliekirkland: Great trades Jim
Jul 30, 9:48 PM
DeeTrade: Hi Leslie Did you have a chance to post your 10 min 30 min chart of TSLA? Thanks.
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