Option Trading in Your Spare Time
Aug 11, 5:33 PM
Harley2: That makes it even better...LOL
Aug 11, 5:34 PM
JDelcambre: Yeah its nice but was hoping for a bigger push and a nice double or so........lol
Aug 11, 5:34 PM
Harley2: always can get back in
Aug 11, 5:34 PM
JDelcambre: True
Aug 11, 5:47 PM
JDelcambre: Look at what QCOM did at 12:15 Could have gotten in on $115 Call at .10 and out at 1.60 in 13 minutes. That's nuts! Hope one of you guys were in on it!
Aug 11, 5:50 PM
Harley2: That would have been nice....missed it...but thanks for posting
Aug 11, 5:50 PM
LaddieGirl: TWTR had a $2 move around that same time.
Aug 11, 5:51 PM
LaddieGirl: On the 30 min chart
Aug 11, 5:51 PM
Harley2: Thanks Laddie
Aug 11, 5:52 PM
JDelcambre: Looks like a few did the same thing at that time Laddie.
Aug 11, 5:52 PM
LaddieGirl: Maybe the Money makers are cleaning up
Aug 11, 6:11 PM
kevinkirkland: Good trade today everyone.
Aug 11, 6:11 PM
kevinkirkland: Thanks Wendy for ITM
Aug 11, 6:17 PM
JDelcambre: $26.00 Put on GOLD In at .30 out at .52
Aug 11, 6:19 PM
arizonatom: Another good one JD
Aug 11, 6:23 PM
JDelcambre: Thanks Tom.
Aug 11, 6:30 PM
LaddieGirl: nice JD
Aug 11, 6:31 PM
JDelcambre: Thanks Laddie.
Aug 11, 6:41 PM
The-Real-Wendy (Admin): Very nice, JD
Aug 11, 6:45 PM
JDelcambre: Thanks Wendy.
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