Love Your Options
Oct 19, 7:34 PM
Jcaster: nkla
Oct 19, 7:37 PM
jLamb: Nice trade Jim. You got a lot more out of it than I did!
Oct 19, 7:42 PM
arizonatom: Nice NKLA trade Jim
Oct 19, 7:43 PM
Jcaster: was watching the pullback and lower high on vzo and bam...lucky moment
Oct 19, 7:44 PM
jLamb: Nice!
Oct 19, 7:45 PM
Buford43: Index xpicture - affected most stocks in similar way --->
Oct 19, 7:46 PM
Buford43: Yo Jim - you'vehad some nice ones today...
Oct 19, 7:50 PM
DeeTrade: Buford is the $COMPX the same as the ETF QQQ? If not, which ETF is the equivalent to that? Thanks.
Oct 19, 7:51 PM
Jcaster: no tax today ..lots of time for alerts a little 3 bar red on pullback if 20 is in uptrend ...been cool
Oct 19, 7:54 PM
arizonatom: Have to leave at market close. Drop off a vehicle at shop. Have a good evening everybody.
Oct 19, 7:54 PM
Jcaster: baba
Oct 19, 7:56 PM
Harley2: Jim nice trades
Oct 19, 7:56 PM
Jcaster: couple more i dumped real quick LOL and RIOT looser
Oct 19, 8:00 PM
jLamb: Good night everyone.
Oct 19, 8:00 PM
Harley2: Bye all see ya tomorrow
Oct 19, 8:01 PM
azdollie: bye all, good trades
Oct 19, 8:08 PM
DaveWD: THANK YOU BUFORD ! For all the postings and comments......So helpful. Good Afternoon, see you tomorrow.
Oct 19, 8:20 PM
Buford43: Yo Dee - COMP is the Nasdaq composite average of 100 stocks. QQQ is an EDTF or bsket of stocks ---> SPY is an ETF or basket of 505 stockcs like this -->
Oct 19, 8:26 PM
DeeTrade: Thanks for explaining that Bufuord.
Oct 19, 9:45 PM
Jcaster: compcomp
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