The Chat Platform for Live Events

Chatroll is the ultimate chat platform for webinars, live Q&As, information sessions, live streams, and more!

Chatroll™ is a simple yet powerful chat platform that provides unmatched interaction and engagement for live events. Chatroll helps you reach bigger audiences, interact more effectively and achieve success through engaging chat-centric live experiences.

Powerful Moderation

Fully manage your experience to ensure the success of your live events. Chatroll's range of automated and manual moderation tools help keep you in control. Ban users, send private messages, filter posts, and more.

Flexible Login Options

Chatroll gives you the flexibility to choose from a range of login options: Facebook, Twitter, Single Sign-On (to authenticate through your existing profile system), and Guest login. Guest login can result in up to 50% higher engagement, as many users prefer to join anonymously.

Custom Branding

Skin Chatroll to make it your own. Using CSS customization, you can brand your chat any way you like - add your own logo or completely redesign the look and feel. See our CSS Library for some examples.

Engagement Anywhere

Chatroll works seamlessly on all devices, so you can reach your audience no matter where they are. People can tune-in on computers, tablets or smartphones. It's also great for second-screen experiences alongside TV and radio broadcasts.


Chatroll works in your site or app. Embed Chatroll in popular CMS tools like WordPress and Joomla, your custom HTML/PHP website, or native iOS/Android apps. A Single Sign-On (SSO) API is available to integrate your own user login system for the ultimate seamless integration. See our Integrations page to learn more.

Scalable Technology

Grow with confidence. Chatroll hosts all traffic on our unique real-time cloud infrastructure, enabling your audience size to scale beyond hundreds of thousands of users. Large scale events are our specialty. Chatroll will always work in real-time.

Real-Time Analytics

Success is meant to be measured. Powerful built-in analytics deliver key metrics and insights about your live events in real-time, enabling you to understand and track real levels of engagement and impact.