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Apr 30, 2:52 PM
Guest8277 (Guest): Please help me
Apr 30, 3:02 PM
Guest2821 (Guest): Hi I'm 21 years
Apr 30, 3:03 PM
Guest2821 (Guest): My menstrual cycle completed two days ago
Apr 30, 3:05 PM
Guest2821 (Guest): I had unprotected sex yesterday and took contraceptive- ipill , today the condom broke . Do i need to take the pill again
Apr 30, 3:44 PM
Guest327 (Guest): hi..
Apr 30, 3:44 PM
Guest327 (Guest): is there any doctor online?
Apr 30, 5:22 PM
Guest1595 (Guest): Hello
Apr 30, 5:22 PM
Guest1595 (Guest): On a stress test when it says:
Apr 30, 5:22 PM
Guest1595 (Guest): A small area of a mildly decreased uptake of the anterior wall that is present at stress
Apr 30, 5:23 PM
Guest1595 (Guest): Does that mean there is a blockage
Apr 30, 5:24 PM
Guest1595 (Guest): Is a doctor here
Apr 30, 5:25 PM
beth1426: Where's the doctor at?
Apr 30, 5:25 PM
beth1426: I just joined, but there's no doctor...
Apr 30, 5:31 PM
Guest1595 (Guest): Where is the doctor
Apr 30, 5:32 PM
Guest1595 (Guest): If this is live chat the doctor should be here
Apr 30, 6:07 PM
Guest6695 (Guest): Doc.... im having loosemotion ...... it started when i drunk a glass of glucose water. Which i put over 5-6 spoons pf glucpse powder... then i worked out and when i was workin out for the abs it started...i was feeling little jiggly inside and now each and every time after i eat i have to go to the bathroom.... plsss help me wat was the cause?... glucose powder or the abs workout?? Plsss help
Apr 30, 6:28 PM
Kahera1: No doctor?
Apr 30, 7:06 PM
Guest 6329 (Guest): Water in ear for the 4th day still in I think and ear hurts from today
Apr 30, 8:00 PM
chinna (Guest): hi
Apr 30, 8:23 PM
Guest4745 (Guest): hello
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