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Mar 21, 12:55 AM
Guest6829 (Guest): Hi
Mar 21, 12:56 AM
Guest6829 (Guest): I was on clomid for 5 days and I ovulate on 10 March. What's the best time to take pregnancy test
Mar 21, 12:57 AM
Guest6829 (Guest): Hi doc please help.
Mar 21, 1:26 AM
Guest2446 (Guest): Hi I have been seeing kind of like black LED spots big and small all day, it started today. Light enhances it. I don’t know what to do honestly.
Mar 21, 1:29 AM
Guest9739 (Guest): I am 2 days late, what should I do! LMP was 2/18/18
Mar 21, 1:35 AM
Guest4506 (Guest): I have been having dull stomach pains for the past couple days. The pain is above belly button. This morning it's been really tight and it is still hurting. It is really uncomfortable sitting. Sometimes my lower abdominal on both has been hurting. I have no fever or nausea. I went to the walkin and they only told me it is menstrual cramps.
Mar 21, 2:00 AM
Guest8940 (Guest): Hello
Mar 21, 2:00 AM
Guest8940 (Guest): I have 2 serious problems that effect me in a negative way
Mar 21, 2:11 AM
Guest8665 (Guest): helo is there online doctor i i could ask
Mar 21, 2:25 AM
Guest8602 (Guest): Hi Good day! I have a question for my research so here it is. If the man positive on HiV and they sex to the women using a condom but the condom pulled out and the man cum inside the vagina or the sperm cum into vagina there's a posibility that the women have HiV or none? Thank you and God bless.
Mar 21, 2:25 AM
Guest8602 (Guest): Please answer me
Mar 21, 2:26 AM
Guest8602 (Guest): Mam/Sir?
Mar 21, 2:28 AM
Guest8602 (Guest): Anyone doctors
Mar 21, 2:33 AM
Guest8602 (Guest): Mam/sir?
Mar 21, 2:35 AM
Guest8602 (Guest): Please reply me
Mar 21, 3:21 AM
Guest893 (Guest): Hello
Mar 21, 3:57 AM
Guest1288 (Guest): Any doctors oon here?
Mar 21, 4:52 AM
Guest4512 (Guest): hi sir anybody is here
Mar 21, 4:53 AM
Guest4512 (Guest): Hello sir or mam any body here
Mar 21, 4:53 AM
Guest4512 (Guest): tell me
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