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Jun 26, 11:05 AM
Guest6598 (Guest): I ask for gynacologist issue
Jun 26, 11:12 AM
Keanda: hi
Jun 26, 11:31 AM
Guest6556 (Guest): Hi
Jun 26, 11:31 AM
Guest6556 (Guest): Anyone here?
Jun 26, 12:20 PM
Guest2503 (Guest): How much time will be requured for period of an women after takinf ligation birth control
Jun 26, 12:31 PM
Guest5058 (Guest): Looking for doctor for gynaecology issues
Jun 26, 12:33 PM
Guest2503 (Guest): Is there any doctor
Jun 26, 12:36 PM
Guest6577 (Guest): Hi
Jun 26, 12:39 PM
Guest9896 (Guest): Hello
Jun 26, 12:39 PM
Guest9896 (Guest): I there a doctor available
Jun 26, 2:38 PM
Amanda (Guest): hi doctor i have an ankle problem
Jun 26, 5:32 PM
Tunne (Guest): Any lady doctor?
Jun 26, 6:55 PM
MissSunshine0: I'm a female and have just turned 20. I have recently got fat, and although I never had any acne as a teenager, in the last 6 months or so I have been getting small lumps on my thighs. I believe them to be Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Because I only got them recently, and at 20, if I lose the weight again will they go away again. I have no scarring and they currently fade and come back often.
Jun 26, 8:38 PM
Guest4272 (Guest): Can I get a uti from my boyfriend having unprotected sex?
Jun 26, 10:03 PM
Guest507 (Guest): what are the chances of getting pregnant from pre cum on fingers?
Jun 27, 12:40 AM
Ryan (Guest): Why my throat and stomach are sour .. and my body is weak.??
Jun 27, 4:22 AM
Guest9891 (Guest): I think I'm having a cocaine overdose what shall I do
Jun 27, 5:39 AM
Guest3580 (Guest): I fingered my girlfriend 3 days ago but I washed my hands before do in it , is there any chance she could get pregnant?
Jun 27, 8:36 AM
jamiel_leticia: My mother has a swollen finger. We are not sure if it is cause by splinter or tiny cut. No bleeding. But if you look at it through lens, you can see a dark blood inside.
Jun 27, 8:37 AM
jamiel_leticia: wow! so many doctors here
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