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Oct 21, 4:53 PM
roy864668: Hi
Oct 21, 4:57 PM
Guest5265 (Guest): hu
Oct 21, 4:57 PM
Guest5265 (Guest): anyone here?
Oct 21, 8:22 PM
Guest5445 (Guest): hello
Oct 21, 9:29 PM
Guest7552 (Guest): Okay I got a depo shot September 4 i think and i had unprotected sex on October 8 I have thrown up been moody and loosing appetite and having cramping and back pain. My next shot is nov 28 I took a test on the 17 could I be pregnant and it was to early
Oct 21, 9:45 PM
Guest3873 (Guest): Hi, there is something wrong with me and I'm not sure what! My boyfriend said I need help and this made me mad but may he is right. I have lots of trouble sleeping, it's like my brain won't switch off. Those voice in my head keep me awake. I feel sad more than normal, I feel stressed, lonely and ugly. My boyfriend tries to re assure me but it only makes me feel better for a little while. I could just be being weird or maybe there is something wrong with me. I don't know what to do
Oct 21, 10:18 PM
Guest319 (Guest): Hi
Oct 21, 10:18 PM
Guest319 (Guest): I have a problem with my period... it came on Friday with very light bleeding that stopped completely in the evening, on Saturday I had heavy bleeding since afternoon and it stopped completely in the evening... I don’t know what’s happening. I am not sexually active so it’s not pregnancy.
Oct 21, 11:43 PM
Guest231 (Guest): Hi
Oct 21, 11:45 PM
Guest231 (Guest): Hi, im Shane, 22, I’m getting married next week, and for several weeks now I have constantly been feeling like I’m detached from reality like I’m not myself. And it’s hard for me to go out and do thing I use to enjoy. I feel sad all the time for some reason... please help
Oct 22, 2:17 AM
Guest542 (Guest): I missed my deposit shot and was wondering how long until I can get pregnant
Oct 22, 4:20 AM
Guest1047 (Guest): Hi
Oct 22, 4:20 AM
Guest1047 (Guest): Okay
Oct 22, 4:21 AM
Guest1047 (Guest): I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I got woke up at 2am this morning with the urge too have a poo but couldn't and I've had pain in my lower back hips and legs since then I've tried pain killers a bath and hot water bottle there not working any idea what is causing this pain ??!!
Oct 22, 4:22 AM
Guest1047 (Guest): You there
Oct 22, 4:23 AM
Guest1047 (Guest): Hello
Oct 22, 4:36 AM
Guest308 (Guest): hi
Oct 22, 5:01 AM
Kimberlyamber (Guest): Hello
Oct 22, 5:02 AM
Kimberlyamber (Guest): Is the doctor even on here?
Oct 22, 7:35 AM
Guest162 (Guest): help im 20 and i have one testicle because one was removed due to torsion. I am depressed still and every time i am depressed i get phantom pain...... i don't know what to do!! IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD!!! I CAN'T TAKE LIFE ANYMORE!!! HELP ME!!
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