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Dec 14, 10:32 AM
Guest8403 (Guest): useless website no reply from them
Dec 14, 10:52 AM
chl05 (Guest): Last Saturday I was playing softball. It had rained the night before and do the ground was rock solid. The catcher dropped the ball when I was on third base so I went in to steal, I went to slide so the wouldn't tag me but my softball boot got stuck and I slid on my right knee into the home plate, causing a friction burn. Over the past few days I tried putting a bandaid on and when I take it off their is puss. I also landed in the same leg playing soccer, it started bleeding. I'm worried.
Dec 14, 11:25 AM
Nicholas Soria (Guest): Hi I am currently 16 years old and is lifting continuously but stopped 2 weeks ago because of a high fever. I started again today and felt chest to throat pain and started to hear differently in my right ear. I don't know what may have caused this. I hope this isn't too serious. Thank you for your time and service.
Dec 14, 1:14 PM
Guest7326 (Guest): Hi
Dec 14, 1:15 PM
Guest7326 (Guest): I m married man .....I have big cock.....but my wife has outside clitorus......she feels pain .....give suggestion
Dec 14, 4:23 PM
Guest2843 (Guest): Hi doctor
Dec 14, 4:23 PM
Guest2843 (Guest): I need help
Dec 14, 5:34 PM
Guest9821 (Guest): Doc
Dec 14, 7:18 PM
Guest2606 (Guest): Sir I have fungal infection on prevent places for 2 years i need to remove i used many things such as itch guard etc....... i cant bear anymore itching problem
Dec 14, 7:18 PM
Guest2606 (Guest): pls help me
Dec 14, 7:24 PM
Guest798 (Guest): Are fever blisters caused by herpes virus type 1?
Dec 14, 7:25 PM
Guest2606 (Guest): NO fever is there
Dec 14, 7:25 PM
Guest798 (Guest): Are you a doctor?
Dec 14, 7:27 PM
Guest2606 (Guest): no
Dec 14, 7:27 PM
Guest2606 (Guest): are you
Dec 14, 7:45 PM
Guest3048 (Guest): hello
Dec 14, 8:29 PM
Guest54 (Guest): I anyone der?
Dec 14, 10:42 PM
Guest5279 (Guest): Hi
Dec 14, 11:01 PM
Guest4969 (Guest): Hello im experiencing a warm feeling in my upper chest area
Dec 15, 1:15 AM
cutegal123 (Guest): hello
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