Hebrew Roots Chat
Apr 18, 2:03 PM
triggeyahu: oh .... there they go , the bells of the gay christian church ....
Apr 18, 2:04 PM
triggeyahu: christianity , what a delusion
Apr 18, 2:06 PM
Darrell Grateful Doode Mault (Moderator): lol your not going for their pancake breakfast today trigg ? oh yeah Shalom everyone ..
Apr 18, 2:07 PM
triggeyahu: haha
Apr 18, 2:08 PM
triggeyahu: i do not go anywhere near christian circuses
Apr 18, 2:09 PM
Darrell Grateful Doode Mault (Moderator): i should be hearing from my niece soon, as we set the date for me to run the monthy shopping run for today will be afk in transit in a short time..
Apr 18, 2:09 PM
triggeyahu: ya , it is chores day , sunday
Apr 18, 2:10 PM
Darrell Grateful Doode Mault (Moderator): by the way if Avi pops in tell him the Tea worlked last night i went to sleep quickly after drinking it..
Apr 18, 2:10 PM
triggeyahu: i should start getting a move on myself , have a safe journey Doode
Apr 18, 2:11 PM
triggeyahu: i suggested it haha
Apr 18, 2:11 PM
Darrell Grateful Doode Mault (Moderator): i'll return later..
Apr 18, 2:11 PM
triggeyahu: l8r
Apr 18, 2:13 PM
Darrell Grateful Doode Mault (Moderator): yes but Avi isnt here and you are so you now know ,, he may come in while your here and i'm out so he suggested the chamomile tea which is part of 2 tea bags i used.
Apr 18, 2:15 PM
Darrell Grateful Doode Mault (Moderator): later all enjoy chat even in my absence i know it will be difficult but i have faith that you all will persevere ..lol jk.. Shalom may YHVH bless you all.
Apr 18, 10:30 PM
Aviyahu: Shalom
Apr 18, 10:31 PM
triggeyahu: Shalom
Apr 19, 3:57 PM
triggeyahu: Shalom , checking PMs
Apr 19, 9:33 PM
Aviyahu: Shalom
Apr 19, 11:48 PM
Darrell Grateful Doode Mault (Moderator): To any/all visitor viewers who are wondering my foot print in chat will be lessened for awhile i can't tend to inside and outside work on property and be in chat at the same time and have to reorganize my priorities no offense to others but shrubs weeds ect grow and i have over 30 years of clutter to get out of house, garage, & shed.. so online activities will have to come second ,until Shabbat so if my absense offends or pleases you it is in yhvhs hands..
Apr 20, 12:01 AM
Galiyahu: Good luck Darrell! I need to do things of that nature as well!
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