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Engage Your Facebook Audience with Chatroll Social Chat
Chatroll Overview
Reach. Engage. Grow.
Reach, engage and grow your social media following like never before. Chatroll makes it easy to transform videos, websites and apps with real-time social chat. Perfect for interviews, Q&A's, webinars, podcasts, streaming video events, group messaging and more.
Chatroll integrates seamlessly with social networks like Facebook and Twitter to maximize reach and drive higher engagement within your site, app, or event. It's an essential component of any successful Facebook marketing strategy.
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How It Works

Get Started in 60 Seconds or Less

Create your Chatroll event and drop our one-line install code into your site or app. It's that easy.

Engage and Grow Your Audience

Chatroll's Viral Promotion Engine promotes your event across all social networks and devices.

The Power of True Real-Time™

Built-in real-time analytics give you instant feedback to measure and optimize your live events.