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Forward-thinking brands and organizations worldwide depend on Chatroll
Diverse organizations across a wide range of industries use Chatroll to reach and engage their audiences with live interactive events. Customers depend on Chatroll's unsurpassed simplicity, focus, flexibility and performance. Above all, they count on measurable results.
Venice The Series
This award-winning web soap opera, produced and acted by Crystal Chappell, uses Chatroll to facilitate live social interaction for its online fan community.

We Have To Stop Now / DynaKit Productions
Actors Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett use Chatroll to interact with fans during live stream broadcasts of their comedy drama, We Have To Stop Now.

United Nations
The United Nations (UNHCR) used Chatroll to let viewers participate in live Q&A sessions and provide commentary for its World Refugee Day Live 2009 event.

The UN required a solution that engaged viewers during the World Refugee Day Live broadcast, and promoted its cause. The solution needed to accommodate a Q&A session with the UN staff, refugees and volunteers.

Chatroll was embedded alongside the video broadcast on refugeedaylive.org. Chatroll was configured to allow instant participation without any need for user registration.

The event was tranformed from a passive video broadcast to a live interactive event. Chatroll seamlessly turned viewers into participants. Live interaction with refugees became possible, which kept the audience deeply engaged during the 12 hour event.
Prevention Magazine / Rodale Inc.
America's leading healthy lifestyle advice magazine, Prevention, used Chatroll to facilitate interactive Q&A sessions while promoting its new walking program and related book: Walk Off Weight.

Prevention needed to boost its social media presence and promote its new walking program, Walk Off Weight (WOW). Prevention needed a solution that would increase viewership, newsletter subscriptions and merchandise sales

Chatroll enabled live audience discussion and commentary alongside Prevention's live video stream. The audience was able to submit questions during the live broadcast to Michele Staten, Prevention's Fitness Director and author of WOW, which she answered live. The live advertising within Chatroll was configured to promote WOW merchandise and the Prevention newsletter. Audience members were able to join the live event using their Facebook profiles, and Chatroll's built-in viral promotion engine automatically multiplied the size of Prevention's audience in real-time.

The live event reached participants in 54 countries. During the two-hour live event, 759 questions and comments were collected. Chatroll generated a 41% event recommendation rate, building buzz within audience members' social networks.
LA Daily News
The LA Daily News uses Chatroll for live coverage and to encourage open commentary during sports events. It also uses Chatroll to allow readers to engage in Q&A sessions with its editors.

Sonsi / Charming Shoppes Inc.
As a publicly-traded retailer, the Charming Shoppes uses Chatroll to facilitate social shopping and live chat power hour sessions for its SonsiLiving e-commerce community.

As a member of the StockTwits Premium Network, veteran investor Joe Donohue uses Chatroll to discuss real-time market trends and trading tips during daily trading hours.